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Making a Difference: Laura Comyns and the Kitty Committee
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Kitty Committee's mission is to lend a helping hand
to the homeless cats of west Sonoma County in northern
California and to their caretakers.

Kitty Committee has helped hundreds of cats live healthier
lives by trapping, neutering, and returning them to their
colonies for daily maintenance by our caretakers. When cats are adoptable, homes are found. We assist with advice and loans of equipment as well as working directly to slow the growth of the
feral cat population, helping these animals to live out their lives
in a humane manner without reproducing. We currently
administer the west Sonoma County spay/neuter voucher program
for FAIRE (Friends of the Animals in the Redwood Empire).

Kitty Committee is an all-volunteer organization with no
administrative costs, registered in the state of California as a
501c3 nonprofit organization in 2001. All our donations go
directly to the cats in the form of food, shelter or medical care.

Visit "how to help" to learn how to contribute when you shop.

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